Costières de Nîmes

Costières de Nîmes wines

Costières de Nîmes Wine

A guided tour of the Roman arena in Nîmes is a pleasant way to while away a summer’s morning. It is arguably preferable to visiting the Colosseum in Rome. You avoid the queues, the tourist hordes and the street hawkers selling tat you didn’t know you didn’t want. In the more clement months you can even catch a classical concert and marvel at the fact that almost 2000 years ago, the same seat would have been occupied by a citizen of the Roman Empire. Today the city’s insignia still features a palm tree and a crocodile - a reflection of the African exotica brought back by de-mobbed Legionaries who were rewarded with plots of land and settled in the vicinity.

That same land is still prized today, as its stony, free-draining soil and long, sunny ripening season lend it well to viticulture and it is being increasingly recognized as a reliable source of characterful and keenly-priced wine. At Château Roubaud, just south of the village of Vauvert, the Molinier family amply demonstrates the qualitative potential of the Rhône delta.