Pic Saint-Loup

Pic Saint-Loup wines

Pic Saint-Loup Wine

In June 2010 the Conseil Interprofessionel des Vin du Languedoc (CIVL) approved a new band of elite ‘Grands Crus du Languedoc’, encompassing Pic Saint-Loup amongst others. Some might say that the last thing French wine classification needed was any further complication but it is at least an attempt to acknowledge the superior quality of the region’s wines.
Xavier Bruguière of Mas Bruguière represents the 7th generation of his family to make wine here in Pic Saint-Loup and he bears the assurance of someone who knows exactly what he’s doing, but he is clearly still questing for improvement. Xavier has recently put all of his vineholdings under conversion to organic classification, which he concedes will have an impact on costs but should further highlight the quality of his output.