Sancerre wines

Sancerre Wine - Buy Wine from the Sancerre Region of France

Sancerre is the bane of smart sommeliers as it is considered an unimaginative ‘default’ wine order, and consequently they tend to ‘tax’ it with a disproportionate mark up to punish the unadventurous. While one can sympathise to a degree with this mindset, the reason that Sancerre is perceived to be a safe bet is because it usually is. The chalk and limestone soils of the Paris Basin provide an ideal terroir for viticulture and the pebbly ‘caillots’ of the former river bed add a distinct mineral-edge that imbues length and finesse in equal measure.

Sitting on the terrace of L’Esplanade in the centre of Sancerre with Arielle Vatan and her son Antoine, nursing a glass of nervy young Sauvignon in the spring sunshine, we were reminded of what a terrific locale this is and how benign provincial French restaurant mark-ups can seem! The Vatans are amongst our longest-serving suppliers and their terrific white ‘Les Perriers’ Sancerre blanc is a benchmark for the appellation.