Sancerre: Domaine André Vatan 'Les Perriers' Blanc 2014

Sancerre: Domaine André Vatan 'Les Perriers' Blanc 2014Sancerre: Domaine André Vatan 'Les Perriers' Blanc 2014Sancerre: Domaine André Vatan 'Les Perriers' Blanc 2014
Sancerre: Domaine André Vatan 'Les Perriers' Blanc 2014

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Sancerre 'Les Perriers' from André Vatan is a benchmark white Sancerre wine - pure Sauvignon Blanc, with a classic elderflower bouquet and a lean, zesty palate.

It's the Sancerre 'de choix' of many a Michelin-starred restaurant, so if you'd like to experience 'best in class', this is your man.

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Sancerre: Domaine André Vatan 'Les Perriers' Blanc 2014

André and Arielle Vatan are two of our longest-serving and highly-regarded suppliers. Their 'Les Perriers' Sancerre wine is unfailingly reliable with classic elderflower and cut grass scents and a nervy, citrus-edged palate with minerally undertones and wonderful delineation. It shows Loire valley Sauvignon in a very pure light and is widely regarded as being a reference point for the appellation.

While it doesn’t demand food it is very versatile - English asparagus is the perfect accompaniment to the newly bottled wine.

Domaine André Vatan

Domaine André Vatan

One of the grandest appellations of the Loire, Sancerre is a hill town poised on a block of limestone above the River Loire to the south-west of the city of Orléans.

The wines of Sancerre are largely well-recognised by consumers and is thus a regular feature on restaurant wine lists. Sadly, few restaurant goers will be au fait with the names of individual producers of Sancerre which is a pity as, although standards are generally high, offerings do vary considerably. The Vatans, however, have supplied excellent examples of Sancerre wines to Yapp Brothers for well over 30 years.

The family own 10 hectares of vines within the appellation of Sancerre and one hectare outside which is classified as a Vin de Pays du Cher. Nine-tenths of production is focused on Sauvignon Blanc, the remaining 10% on Pinot Noir, which yields a bright lively red and delicate coral coloured rosé.

André inherited his vines from his father Jean and has cautiously expanded the business and invested in sophisticated new equipment. He is ably assisted by his wife Arielle and has no shortage of heirs with his children Aimée, Adrian and Antoine!

White Wine, Dry (Sec), Light-bodied
Domaine André Vatan
Grape variety (Cépage):
Sauvignon Blanc
Wine pairing - drink with:
Goat's Cheese
Best drunk within 2 years of vintage.
Takes place in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats after the Sauvignon Blanc grapes have been entirely de-stalked. The wine undergoes a cool fermentation prior to fining, filtering and a spring bottling.
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):


(2) reviews


Sancerre: Domaine Andre Vatan 'Les Perriers' Blanc 2014
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Always efficient but personal as well

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Lovely fruit forward, excellent on its own, especially during the summer

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One Minute Review - Sancerre Les Perriers

Jason Yapp reviews the classic Sancerre Les Perriers from Andre Vatan - one of Yapp Brothers longest-serving and highly-regarded suppliers.

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