Saumur Rouge 2014

Saumur Rouge 2014Saumur Rouge 2014
Saumur Rouge 2014

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Our consistently reliable red Saumur, with its distinctive label that depicts graffito of Charles de Gaulle, makes for remarkably versatile easy drinking. Made from pure Cabernet Franc, this Saumur rouge is savoury and youthful with bright, summer berry scents and flavours and is best drunk lightly chilled.

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Saumur Rouge 2014

The chalky soil of Saumur provides excellent drainage making it an ideal area for viticulture. The Romans were the first to exploit the region's winemaking potential but it declined with the fall of the Roman Empire. From 1066, monks began to replant vines and the first recorded shipment to England was in 1194. During this era, land around Saumur out-priced that in Champagne.

The Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg co-operative has been critical in augmenting the appellation's success with its 200+ members producing about 30% of the region's wine.

Vignerons de Saumur

Vignerons de Saumur

At Saint Cyr-en-Bourg, just to the south-east of Saumur, the dynamic Vignerons de Saumur Cave Co-opérative has long been a source of really well-made and benignly priced wines. Their Saumur Blanc is a conrnerstone of the Yapp list without which we could barely function. The Cave also produces a versatile sparkling Chenin Blanc, a fine sparkling Crémant de Loire rosé and a supple, youthful red Cabernet Franc.

Red Wine, Dry (Sec), Medium-bodied
Vignerons de Saumur
Grape variety (Cépage):
Cabernet Franc
Wine pairing - drink with:
This red Saumur wine drinks well from bottling and can be enjoyed for up to 2-3 years from vintage.
The harvest is generally late in summer, due to its northerly location, usually in early October. For the Saumur rouge, the Cabernet Franc grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and left on the skins for up to two weeks at a temperature of 28°C. After ageing in underground vats, the finished wine is normally bottled about a year after the vintage.
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):


(4) reviews


Saumur Rouge 2014
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I'd actually describe it as OK. Not so much my thing.

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Good service , excellent and rather different wines from those on the High St

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very easy drinking.

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One Minute Review - Saumur Rouge

Bianca Ford reviews the Saumur Rouge from the Vignerons de Saumur - 100% cabernet franc, a perfect summer wine ideal lightly chilled and served with barbecues.

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