white wine


Temperature Control

We Brits do love our wine but why must we serve our whites too cold and our reds too warm? Whatever the weather this August, and if our English summer […]

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Yapp Travel

Holiday Packing

Today is my last day in the office before I head off for the habitual family two weeks away up in the wilds of North Wales, so last night I […]

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Wine Knowledge

Ask the Expert – Wines to Accompany Asparagus

I was fortunate enough to spend last Thursday lunchtime at Le Gavroche selecting the wines for our forthcoming Spring lunch. I took the opportunity to buttonhole the head sommelier David […]

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Chabrot – Bistro d’Amis

As I mentioned back in November I’m a sucker for a ‘soft’ restaurant opening because there is a wonderful feeling of dining before the critics descend and pronounce the received […]

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Wine Tasting & Events

En Conversion!

The final leg of our buying trip begins in Faugères, an up and coming AOC that sits atop an impressive bedrock of schist, north of Beziers.  Château des Estanilles is […]

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Wine Tasting & Events

Autumnal Traditions

We’ve been hosting Autumn wine tastings for the Oxford and Cambridge colleges for many moons.  On my very first venture to Oxford 10 years ago with Robin (Yapp), no sooner […]

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