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Food & wine matching

What wines go with what food?

If you are looking for help matching wines to your food, choose the closest description to your meal below and we’ll show you our suggestions of wine to go with it.

If you'd like to find out more about what to drink with foods in season this month, click here.

  1. BeefBeef
  2. Blue CheeseBlue Cheese
  3. StewCasserole
  4. CharcuterieCharcuterie
  5. Soft cheeseCheese
  6. PoultryChicken and Turkey
  7. ChineseChinese Food
  8. ChocolateChocolate
  9. wines to go with curryCurry
  10. CakeDessert
  11. GameDuck, Pheasant and Game
  12. FruitFruit
  13. Goat cheeseGoat's Cheese
  14. LambLamb
  15. OlivesOlives
  16. OystersOysters
  17. PastaPasta
  18. PorkPork
  19. ShellfishSeafood
  20. Smoked FishSmoked Fish
  21. Thai or IndianThai Food
  22. FishWhite Fish