free iPhone application

We launched our free iPhone application (a 'Y-app', if you like) in April 2010, so if you have an itouch or iphone you can access detailed information on all your favourite Yapp wines.

Here's an overview of the benefits to you:

  • Access information on all our current wines wherever you are in the world! It works without an internet connection so you'll never be without your Yapp guide to delicious wines.
  • Details include wines and winemakers, prices, regions, current vintages, grape variety (cepage), wine label pictures, tasting notes and food matches.
  • The Search function allows you to search by Name (e.g. Cornas), Region (e.g. Loire), Style (e.g. red) and Food to 'have with' (e.g. Thai).
  • Email a friend with a favourite wine from the app and let them know what you recommend, or what you're drinking!
  • Once you have found a wine, you can move seamlessly from the app to our website, or email or telephone us by clicking through.
  • The About Us section provides our history, hours of business and delivery terms.
  • A sample of our typical mixed offer cases is included.

To download this free application just go to the itunes store (via your iphone or online) and search for "Yapp Wine". Follow their simple install instructions.