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  • Château Grillet 2005

    Château Grillet 2005

    A rare treat - Chateau Grillet from a cracking Rhone vintage and benefitting from the expert consultancy of Denis Dubordieu.

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    • Bottle Case £1,080.00
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  • Château Grillet 2010

    Château Grillet 2010

    This vintage enjoyed very balanced climatic conditions with a cold Winter and a warm Summer following a late Spring. A sunny September, with cool nights, provided an optimal pre-harvest environment. The finished wine has attractive grapefruit scents with apricot and floral notes preceding a palate of white peaches with a soft, creamy texture and long, elegant finish.

    • Bottle £130.00
    • Bottle Case £1,560.00
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  • Château Grillet: Pontcin 2011

    Château Grillet: Pontcin 2011

    This is the inaugural vintage of 'Pontcin', the new second wine from mythical 3.8 hectare Rhône monopole, Château Grillet. It's not often a monopole creates a new wine and there's precious little to go around, so don't miss this opportunity!

    • Bottle £42.00
    • Bottle Case £504.00
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