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Yapp Brothers Wine Merchants supply award-winning French wines to over 300 of the best restaurants and hotels in the UK (encompassing over 50 Michelin stars). Some of these customers have been working with us for many years. We currently supply 15 out of the Top 20 restaurants in the Good Food Guide 2014.

If you are a restaurant and would like to find out more about our wines, service and terms, please call our office or email, and one of our trade team will be in touch.


Restaurants Supplied by Yapp Brothers Wine Merchants:

Here are just some of the restaurants that we are proud to supply:

Michelin 2014 - 3*


Michelin 2014 - 2*


Michelin 2014 - 1*

"Buying wine from Yapp Brothers is taking a diversionary, ‘vaut le detour’ trip down the Loire to its very source, nipping across to catch the Rhône just below Lyons, basking in the sun of the Septentrional, and then ending up dipping one’s toes in the med somewhere, always with a glass of properly interesting wine in one hand and a metaphoric saucisson in the other. In a world of homogeneity, Yapp Brothers represents diversity: as Jacques Derrida might have said, vive la differance!"
Rowley Leigh, chef patron of Le Café Anglais and the FT’s food correspondent.