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Wine Videos from Yapp Brothers

As we have travelled around meeting suppliers, tasting wines and finding new wines to add to our ever-growing wine list, we have been making videos to help bring some of the atmosphere of french wine to life on our website. Below is a selection, hopefully fun and informative, and there are more videos about wine on our Youtube Channel here. Check back soon - these wine videos will be updated regularly to show the latest releases.

(Click on any of the videos to watch them in a larger screen on the Youtube channel)

The 2012 Rhône Vintage Report Part 4: Domaine de Trévallon

At the end of last year after a whistle-stop trip down the Rhône sampling the promising 2012 vintage Jason Yapp took the opportunity to catch up with Antoine Dürrbach in the stunning new winery at his family's celebrated Domaine de Trévallon in Provence. The 2012 vintage looks to be 'bien classique' with all the components to age well and provide many years of rewarding drinking.



The 2012 Rhône Vintage Report Part 3: Cornas

Auguste Clape is a legendary figure amongst Rhône wine makers renowned for his wry wit, wisdom, modesty and unparalleled track record in producing a succession of outstanding wines of incredible longevity. He worked his first harvest in Cornas back in 1949 and over the ensuing 6 decades has accrued an unrivalled knowledge of the appellation. Having recently undergone a hip replacement, a knee replacement and a double cataract operation Auguste is no longer working the steep terraces of the vineyards but he is in good fettle and is still on hand to offer sage advice to his son Pierre and grandson Olivier.
I had the great privilege to catch up with Pierre and Olivier after they had completed the grape harvest back in October and took the opportunity to quiz Olivier about his thoughts on the 2012 vintage. You can probably tell from this video clip that he has not only inherited his grandfather's passion for wine-making but he also has the ésprit that elevates the good to the great. The wines speak for themselves and anyone who doubts this should try sourcing them on the secondary market!




The 2012 Rhône Vintage Report Part 2: Condrieu & Côte Rôtie

Having read extensive reports about the success of the 2012 vintage in the Rhône Valley over recent months it was a great pleasure to get out there in person at the tail end of October and taste in person, in situ from barrel and bottle. Although optimistic about the quality of the harvest and the wine-making talents of the growers who supply us there really is no substitute for tasting wines sur place with the people who make them.





The Rhône 2012 Vintage Report Part 1: Hermitage and Crozes-Hermitage

Jason Yapp discusses the Rhône 2012 vintage, firstly with Jean-Louis Chave ("2012 is the vintage of the hills.") and then with Alain Graillot ("an easy vintage" after a tough spring and a lot of work in the vineyard).





A Taste of Yapp Brothers

If you've not been to one of our wine tasting events before, have a look at this video, filmed at our Summer Sale in 2012.




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