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Champagne & sparkling wines

An excellent range of hand-crafted Champagnes from J. Dumangin fils, a family-run, independent estate on the Montagne de Reims, and a selection of sparkling wines from the Loire, the Rhône and the Languedoc - including Clairette de Die, Crémant de Die, Saint Péray Mousseux and Crémant de Loire.
  • Champagne: Dumangin Fils. Brut Grande Réserve

    "Tight-knit, perfumed, intriguing... One of my favourite non-vintage fizzes." Jancis Robinson, FT Weekend

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    • Bottle £29.95
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  • Champagne: Dumangin Fils. Cuvée 17

    A 'graceful, heavenly' Champagne 'at a down to earth price' (according to wine writer, Matthew Jukes). This classic grower's Champagne, made predominantly from Premier Cru vines near Reims, is crisp, dry and biscuity.

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    • Bottle £29.00
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  • Champagne: Dumangin Fils. Extra Brut

    "Clean as a whistle and made from 25 per cent Chardonnay, 25 per cent Pinot Noir and 50 per cent Pinot Meunier, this is the perfect apéritif wine. The perky acidity and oodles of verve will slice through all number of tricky canapés, and it is a design classic with oysters. Fantastic value, too, Dumangin’s wines are all great value." (Matthew Jukes, Wine Correspondent for the Daily Mail).

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  • Champagne: Dumangin Fils. Premier Cru Brut Vintage 2004

    The proper 'growers' Champagnes from J. Dumangin Fils are attracting increasing interest as opposed to the heavily branded offerings of the Grandes Marques. This vintage Champagne is only released when Gilles Dumangin believes it is readily approachable. Made from equal volumes of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this alluring wine will age well for at least a decade if sympathetically cellared.

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    • Bottle £39.00
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  • Champagne: Dumangin Fils. Vinothèque Extra Dry Premier Cru Millésime 1996

    Full-bodied, with honeyed touches, this is an exceptional vintage Champagne of great character and finesse. The finish is long, with a delicious biscuity after taste. It recently scored 95/100 in the French wine guide 'Gilbert & Gaillard', an equal score to Dom Perignon’s Oenothèque 1996 (which is twice the price).

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    • Bottle £125.00
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  • Clairette de Die: Domaine Achard-Vincent 'Tradition'

    This organic Clairette de Die is a gentle sparkling wine low in alcohol making it a peerless mid-morning restorative and a great wine for picnics and garden parties. The classic food accompaniment is walnuts (which thrive locally) but it is well suited to all manner of cakes and fruit-based desserts.

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  • Crémant de Die: Brut

    Crémant de Die Brut - a light, dry sparkling wine with aromas of orchard fruit preceding a palate of russet apples and pears underscored by minerally nuances followed by a fresh, clean finish.

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    • Bottle £16.95
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  • Crémant de Limoux Brut Cuvée Sélection

    Philippe Collin, the son of a Champenois, makes this bottle-fermented sparkling wine from 'Champagne grapes' Pinot Noir & Chardonnay in the Limoux region. The fine mousse and clean finish of this excellent Crémant de Limoux belie its Seventies label and humble price tag.

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    • Bottle £12.50
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  • Montlouis-sur-Loire: Domaine des Liards Mousseux Brut

    This bottle-fermented sparkling Montlouis wine displays a lively mousse, inviting green apple aromas and a whistle-clean palate.

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    • Bottle £14.95
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  • Saint Péray Mousseux Brut: Domaine Biguet

    Made from pure Marsanne that is bottle-fermented in the méthode traditionelle, then hand-riddled in wooden pupitres. Like many good sparkling wines, it will cellar well for a year or two and makes a cracking accompaniment to canapés - smoked salmon or gougères would be ideal.

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  • Saumur Mousseux Brut

    Classic, toasty, aromas precede a palate of ripe orchard fruit. The fresh, lively mousse gives way to a clean, crisp finish.

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    • Bottle £12.75
    • Bottle Case £153.00
  • Vouvray Mousseux Brut

    This delicious sparkling Vouvray wine has an inviting brioche bouquet and a teasingly frothy effervescence, making it ideal for all manner of celebrations or picnics – no corkscrew required!

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    • Bottle £14.00
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  • Yapp Champagne

    Our popular own label 'Yapp' Champagne, which is made from a blend of 50% Pinot Meunier and 25% each of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It is a fresh, light, uplifting wine that has a fine expression of fruit and does not demand any food accompaniment.

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  • Champagne: Dumangin Fils. Rosé

    Coral pink in colour, this is a full-bodied rosé Champagne. It has a fine mousse and displays aromas of red-berry fruit followed by a palate of blackcurrants and raspberries prior to a dry finish.

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    • Bottle £34.00
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  • Crémant de Loire Mousseux Brut

    A lovely, coral-pink, dry Crémant de Loire from the exemplary Vignerons de Saumur co-opérative in Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg. This delightful bottle-fermented rosé is made from 100% Cabernet Franc, has an uplifting palate of crushed berries and is perfect for parties and celebrations. An excellent alternative to rosé Champagne if you're expecting a crowd!

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    • Bottle £12.95
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  • Vin Mousseux de Qualité: Cuvée les Tonnelles

    An excellent sparkling Vouvray rosé wine with vivid red berry aromas and a dry, crisp palate.

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    • Bottle £13.50
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