We often get enquiries at Yapp HQ for vintage bottles of wine to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays and the such like, and today we had a question about 'what was actually good in 1973'? Well, other than it being the year that Bowie killed off Ziggy Stardust, the UK entering the EU and The Exorcist scaring a whole generation, we thought we would check the cellars at Yapp HQ.


vintage wine bottles


Yapp Brothers had been in business for a mere (get it?) 4 years back then, so even raiding our archives there wasn't much there we could shout about. We did find a few bottles of Sancerre 1972, but frankly I'd not recommend it given that our current Sancerre: Domaine André Vatan 'Les Perriers' Blanc 2015 is 'best drunk within 2 years of vintage'. So, 1973 – bad in the Rhône, rather just not good with heavy rains in September, but the year wasn't too bad in the Loire although there's not much of it left - anywhere!


Hamish with 1973 Fender Telecaster


As anniversaries go, I've got what polite people refer to as a 'big birthday' this year, so given the short supply of vintage wines I decided to involve one of my other passions in life and have made a few reconnaissance trips to the simplify wonderful Vintage and Rare Guitars in Bath (http://vintageandrareguitars.com/), where given the short supply and high demand of good vintages of anything I've got my birthday present a few months early (to my wife's normal despair when another guitar turns up at home). My USA Fender Telecaster 1973 now holds pride of place in my cave – I won’t mention the price but safe to say it's not far off what a bottle of 1973 Dom Perignon P3 Plenitude Brut would set you back – just don't tell the wife!


1973 Fender Telecaster


Meanwhile, if you want to have a look at a few of our vintage wines – why not have a look here: