If you want to get the look of a modern, metrosexual man about town then don’t miss Jason Yapp’s inimitable Top Ten style tips for Summer.

1. Tan Brogues
You can’t go wrong with these classic all-rounders. Pair with dark, left-weave denim and you’re home free. Trickers and Crockett & Tubbs are a tad ‘toppy’. Go for Loake (www.loake.co.uk).


Loake Brogue


2. Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligons
Chuck out your Mandate and Hai Karate and invest in a bottle of this. Apparently it was the preferred ‘man-scent’ of Winston Churchill. The citrussy top notes are great for masking the smell of booze and cigars. It’s a winner. Splash it all over.


Penhaligons Blenhiem Bouquet


3. Bellfield Shorts
A timeless, cross-generational staple – as modelled here by me and my eldest son Alfred. These ‘must have’ shorts in ‘tobacco’ or ‘charcoal’ are fiendishly hard to source. Apparently Captain Scott of the Antarctic was a fan - which explains a lot.


Bellfield shorts


4. Border Terriers
Part Ewok, part meerkat everyone loves a Border. They’re good in town and even better in the countryside. They’re friendly and furry. Top dog!


Border Terrier


5. Parker 25 Fountain Pen
If you want to get ahead get a proper ink pen. The brushed steel Parker 25 is a modernist classic. I took my O-levels with one which dates me and it. They’re probably just as good for GCSEs or the wacky new scheme that Michael Gove is concocting.


Parker 25


6. Fine Check Gingham Shirt
Every wardrobe should have a couple of these. Ted Baker, Fred Perry and even Johnnie Boden all stock serviceable examples. I favour a deep blue check. Accessorise with a newly-wed couple and a vintage V8 Mustang. Roar!




7. Monochrome Swatch Watch
You’ll seldom clock me sporting a Patek Philippe - because I don’t own one. I like an accurate timepiece without bling that you can wear while swimming. Behold the monochrome Swatch – the only chronograph you’ll ever need. Besides, Andrew Edmunds wears one of these. Respect!




8. Bellamy’s of Bruton Place Brolly
"The rain it raineth every day upon the just and unjust fella. But mainly on the just because the unjust has the just’s umbrella."
[Attrib. Lord Bowen].
With Glydebourne, Glasto’, WOMAD, and Bestival coming up it’s essential to have a sturdy parapluie. If you dine at fashionable Mayfair eatery Bellamy’s of Bruton Place regularly in Monsoon season genial patron Gavin Rankin will bestow a brolly on you gratis. Bargain!


Bellamys Bruton Place Brolly


9. Brompton Bike
An exquisitely-designed, British-built, versatile bike that folds up to be readily portable and stowable. James Bond goes green. Biketastic!


Brompton S6L Barcelona

Brompton S6L Barcelona


10. Bandol: Mas de la Rouvière Rosé 2012
If the neighbours catch scent of this they’re round like a shot with the giant Jenga and a bowl of olives – they know which buttons to push. Real men do eat quiche and drink rosé. Bring me sunshine!