Adventures in Wine Podcast
"David's excitement at another bibulous session, Chez Yapp, is mitigated somewhat by Jason's announcement that the theme for the podcast is small appellations. After his first sip of the morning, however, he realises with great relief, that the next twenty minutes will be more hedonism than hectares. Jean Luis Thiers' Saint-Peray 'Tranquille' is nutty, fruity yet dry, with the enviable distinction of being both rare and good value for money. Next up, from Palette, is an exceptional Chateau Simone Blanc 2015. This limpid, straw-coloured blend from the chateau's ancient vines leaves David tonque-tied, but what can you say about one of France's great gastronomic wines apart from 'Santé'? Bellet, The Urban Appellation of Nice, is Jason's next diminutive wine region. The Dalmasso's Domaine De La Source, 2015 is a beautifully evolved red that the well-informed, well-heeled locals are more than happy to keep to themselves but you can trust Yapp Brothers to have charmed them out of a few cases. An aromatic red from Domaine Pieretti's 11 hectares of Corsican heaven is Jason's last offering. This garnet-coloured, berry-flavoured beauty epitomises all that is good about small production wine growers; skillful devotion, intimate knowledge and a strong sense of terroire."



The series of 'Adventures in Wine' podcasts featuring Jason Yapp and David Chandler can be downloaded from the iTunes store here.