We've had great fun collaborating with our good friend and 'artist in residence' David Chandler over the last few months as he has been working on the illustrations for our bi-monthly seasonal offers and our 2017 wine list.


Adventures in Wine - Podcast 3


Being both creative and technically adroit David couldn't resist cajoling me into participating in some conversations about wine ('adventures' in his parlance) that can now be downloaded as Podcasts from the iTunes store.

"Ding dong merrily, we're high... on Jason Yapp's wine selection for a traditional turkey dinner this Christmas! Jason and David get off to an unexpectedly fizzy start with Wraxall Vineyard's coral pink bubbly from Somerset (of all places), the best way to perk up any kitchen scullion on spud-peeling duty. They follow this with Eric Savaret's Domaine de Roncevaux, a minerally, tongue-curling Chardonnay, ideal for smoked salmon, crab or even oysters. And whether you love turkey, like Jason or despise it like David, the Graillot family's on-trend, briary-red Equinoxe, is both perfect accompaniment and ideal consolation, because it's almost a meal in itself! Last but not least, any end of level, boss pudding will more than meet its match with Domaine La Tour Vielle's delectable Banyuls. If it's closure your after, this heavenly concoction will wrap you up in pungent pluminess and sing you gently to sleep. Lully, lullay!"