We've had great fun collaborating with our good friend and 'artist in residence' David Chandler over the last few months as he has been working on the illustrations for our bi-monthly seasonal offers and our 2017 wine list.


Adventures in Wine - Podcast 8


Being both creative and technically adroit David couldn't resist cajoling me into participating in some conversations about wine ('adventures' in his parlance) that can now be downloaded as Podcasts from the iTunes store.

"With more Michelin stars than any other region, it's perhaps unsurprising that Alsace winemakers know how to make a wine that will stand up to the local food. Raclette anyone? Choucroute? Tartiflette? No problem! Leon Beyer have the answer in slender-shouldered bottles of the most carefully-balanced, zesty, floral, spicy wines that will impress even the most Riesling averse, chardonnay-loving Brit. First off is a classy Crémant with just the right amount of apple to bubble. Next, a simple 2015 Pinot Blanc that needs no accompaniment, except perhaps a second glass. The 2016 Riesling is more of a mouthful with subtle kerosene and herb aromas and an authoritative, citrus edge that makes it long on flavour. The only red is a supple and fruity, 2015 Pinor Noir, that sends Jason off into a reveries about chilli-infused Vietnamese beef salads, while David tries to work out why such a pale red can have such a robust while David tries to work out why such a pale red can have such a robust flavour. Jason has one last wine up his sleeve; quite literally, a half bottle of Beyer's 2011, late-harvested, Gewurtztraminer. This straw-coloured, sweetly spiced sensation is a blind-taster's gift and perfect with foie gras. Happily, it'll do equal wonders with blue cheese and give you sweet dreams and a clear conscience to boot. Yapps could only get hold of 240 of these little honeys and now they have 239!"