We've had great fun collaborating with our good friend and 'artist in residence' David Chandler over the last few months as he has been working on the illustrations for our bi-monthly seasonal offers and our 2017 wine list.


Adventures in Wine - Podcast 9


Being both creative and technically adroit David couldn't resist cajoling me into participating in some conversations about wine ('adventures' in his parlance) that can now be downloaded as Podcasts from the iTunes store.

"Like a pair of latter day Joris-Karl Huysmans, Jason and David take a trip to the Côte d'Azur, without actually leaving Jason's kitchen table and with nothing but a row of wheelie bins to excite their febrile imaginations, ensconce themselves amongst the yachty folk of the Riviera. Basking in the balmy heat of ever-present virtual sunshine, they sip three fine offerings from Laurent Bunan et Famille at Mas de la Rouvière: a wonderful, herby white made from pure Clairette grapes, that has Jason searing tuna with his mind's eye alone; a trendily de riqueur, coral pink and crustacea-friendly rosé and a silky smooth, long-legged, berry-scented red. Made with the region's inimitable Mourvèdre grape, it's the smartest thing to quaff with garlic studded, slow-roasted lamb."