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  1. Apèritif
    Posted On: October 10th, 2012


    In my dog-chewed copy of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary the definition of 'Apèritif' states that the word derives from the verb 'aperire' (to open). I’m not sure if the idea is that the pre-dinner drink is the opening of the meal or one’s appetite but whichever it is to me it’s the Christmas Eve […]
  2. Perfect Pop-Up
    Posted On: July 4th, 2012

    Perfect Pop-Up

    A couple of weeks ago during that hot time we fondly remember as ‘summer’ a new phenomenon hit the streets of Frome. Londoners will shake their World-weary heads when I mention the phrase ‘pop-up’ but for us Fromeys it was a real treat. Architect Terry Pinto (www.pa-ad.co.uk) is a Frome resident of Goan extraction (via […]
  3. (Not) Cooking with Mother
    Posted On: April 11th, 2012

    (Not) Cooking with Mother

    Those Cath Kidston aproned Domestic Godesses are often preaching on the educational and nurturing benefits of cooking with your children. They rustle up a picture of 1950s homely bliss and product designers have given them the props with retro kitchenware to match. Beautiful children help make picture perfect cakes in a spotless kitchen (I suspect […]
  4. Lording it up at Lords of the Manor
    Posted On: March 19th, 2012

    Lording it up at Lords of the Manor

    We used to do this sort of thing a lot B.C. (before children). Jason would be booked in to give a wine talk and I’d accompany him for a luxurious night out. Work for him, play for me. Our lives are busier now and the headache of farming out kids with hectic schedules and needy […]

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