Wine Gang Bath - The Guildhall
Anyone in or around Bath this weekend not only braved some pretty inclement weather but may well have been dropping in to the 2nd floor of the Guildhall to taste a great selection of wines at the inaugural Bath Wine Gang event -
This was the last leg of the tour - Tom and Jason had already been to a great event in Scotland earlier this month - so we were ready to meet up with the oenophiles of Bath who had also braved the weather!
The Guildhall was a suitably grand venue and by 11am we were setting up, filling ice buckets and opening the wines. The Scottish event (now in it’s second year) had had great attendance, Bath however was a step into uncharted waters being the first time the tour had stopped here – but at just 25 miles away from Yapp HQ we were really looking forward to the day.
By 12.30pm we were in full swing, the guided wine tours were off and we welcomed a vast sway of wine enthusiasts, all of which were equally enjoying themselves and asking lots of questions.
Wine Gang Bath
By 2pm the word had got out about our ‘benchmark’ Sancerre (Sancerre Blanc: Les Perriers 2011) that was the talk of the event and most visitors were flocking to stand 31 with the ‘I hear you’re the ones with the Sancerre’ – and it’s always gratifying to see the Yapp wines being enjoyed with such genuine relish.
The event attracted all manner of wine lovers – across all ages and there was a real buzz in the room, so much so that the afternoon passed by without anyone really stopping to draw breath as we saw everyone twice, as it should be, with ‘ah, hello again we did the whites with you earlier – we’re now back for the reds’!
As I packed up the few bottles we hadn’t shared with the people of Bath and headed back home on the train, it was clear that the weather hadn’t dampened anyone’s spirits and we were already looking forward to the return leg(s) next year!
Wine Gang Bath - Catalogue