The Broughton Gifford Wine Club (the BGWC) meets fairly sporadically but meets all the same as it’s an excuse to get everyone out for an evening, break the routines – and, well, eat, drink and be merry.

Normally there’s a theme – we’ve journeyed along the Rhône (although we’d did it south to north not the way the river flows), we’ve tasted al fresco (a camp site in Sidmouth, where we focussed on rosé wine) and other themes as and when they’ve come to us.


blind tasting bottle covers


This weekend we ventured down blind tasting, where we pitched Yapp staples against supermarkets – I provided the Yapp wines, other folk pitched in with the others. Always happy to ‘compare and contrast’ we divided up the booty and went head to head with Minervois, Clarets, Côtes du Rhône and Châteauneuf du Pape.

Although it was a little like herding kittens, and with hindsight I’d have been better prepared if I’d known what swerve balls might swung from the supermarket camps, it was great fun and enjoyable. Yapp wines thankfully showed well against the opposition (the Minvervois took the Sainsburys offering in it’s stride without flinching) – and as with in all things in life, there was no universal winner but it triggered debate (I think that’s putting in politely enough!)


blind tasting bottles


Our next gathering in scheduled after the start of BST, so we plan to push the fizz and see where that little adventure may take us.