Long-standing followers of these musings may recall that I was delighted when our beloved Border Terrier, Martha, gave birth to a litter of 5 healthy puppies on Boxing Day back in 2010.



Martha – December 2010


As novice dog-breeders we had read alarming stories about puppy mortality so my family was relieved to find good homes for the entire brood a few weeks later. I say ‘entire’ but we kept the obvious runt of the litter ‘Rocky’, who has a kinked tail and wonky teeth; but he is very affectionate and that counts for a lot in our book.


Rocky with watering can

Young Rocky


His much smarter sister (in all senses) ‘Jezebel’ went off to live with our friend Mandana as resident pooch at the Academy Club in Soho.


Mandana and Jezebel

Mandana and Jezebel at the Academy Club – February 2011


I am happy to report that Jezebel has thrived in the West End and after a whirlwind romance this Spring with a local Border Terrier called ‘Monty’ she has also recently had a litter of 5 healthy pups who are all doing well.


Border Terrier mum Jezebel

Jezebel with Maud, Bron, Harris, Gypsy and Queenie – June 2014


Borders (like beards) must be de rigeur right now because Jezebel’s entire litter is already spoken for. One is apparently bound for Scotland which might make for infrequent family reunions but if anyone does fancy paying Granny a visit you’re very welcome to drop us a line here in Mere!


Rocky and Martha

Rocky and Martha