Over the past few months, a new currency has been adopted in the sleepy village of Broughton Gifford and its surrounding hamlets. This came as a result of all the juggling that goes on in getting small children to and from where they should be. Those of you who do this on a regular basis will know that, from time to time, it requires the calling-in of favours from other parents - this originally loose arrangement is now negotiated and supported by Yapp wine.

So, how does it work? The base currency and exchange rate is roughly 2 hours of childcare for one bottle of Lirac: La Fermade 2005 from La Famille Maby which, at £9.95 a bottle, is excellent value both in childcare and wine terms. Extra half hours of childminding can be arranged with different wines and vintages - it appears the Côtes du Rhône: Cuvée Personelle 2000 gets an extra hour when compared to Côtes du Rhône: Saint Gayan 2007. I've yet to broach how long we'd get for some Côtes du Rhône Villages Rasteau: Saint Gayan 2006 - one of my personal favourites.

The upshot of all this activity is that now, outside the school gates and the village hall, you'll overhear parents discussing the merits of the Catalan Carignan 2007 and its 130 year old vines and how the Lirac 2005 is a little smoother than the 2007.

The big question next time we get to venture out will be - shall I "cash in" my very small number of Brézème: Eugène de Monicault 2004 bottles for a babysitter or stay in and drink in style - I suspect I already know the answer to that one.