Spirit of Christmas Fair, Olympia

The calm before the storm!


I'm not sure if there was a foie gras stand opposite a wine shop on mount Olympus but here at the House & Garden 'Spirit of Christmas fair' at Kensington Olympia luxury goods and high-end comestibles are very much the order of the day. Unfortunately, so are jazzy carols, on loop, which almost is guaranteed to bring out the bah-humbug in me but, credit where it is due, the organisers have succeeded in making a vast floor-space feel pretty festive. There are lots of small booths selling quality gear from hats and handbags to sausages and Stilton giving a pleasant villagey vibe. There is NO TAT WHATSOEVER - the good taste police have been out in force - even the catering is by Mosiman's!


Godminster Cheese

Godminster Cheese


I can see the appeal - you really could get the whole Christmas shopping covered in one hit here. Our West Country chums from Godminster Cheese in Bruton (purveyors of top organic Cheddar) and the Chesil Smokery (scrumptious smoked salmon) are here too which makes it feel less like our first week at a new school and more of a gathering of clans. Whether I'll survive the week without stocking up on Alpaca scarves, organic chorizo and Sipsmiths gin remains to be seen but I'm already feeling a darn site more festive than I was on the 7.51 train this morning!


Spirit of Christmas Fair, Kensington