Anyone who has visited our attractive premises in Mere can’t help but notice the two vintage Citroens that adorn (decorate) the courtyard.

The rakish black 1955 Traction Avant (produced 1934 – 1957) originally belonged to the doyen of Champagne, Bruno Paillard. In his pre-Master of the Universe days when he was a cash-strapped Champagne negoçiant, Bruno sold it to Robin Yapp following a long lunch or possibly poker hand, the exact details are lost in the sands of time. Francs were exchanged for car keys and Robin drove it back to Mere. Allegedly Bruno has first refusal if we ever consider selling it.

Our liveried H-van dates from 1979. The vans themselves, with their distinctive corrugated body work inspired by German Junker aircraft and which added cheap, light-weight strength, were produced as delivery vans during the period 1947 – 1981. Our model grew up on a vineyard in the Loire before moving to the UK in the nineties and settling in Mere where it undertakes local deliveries in its semi-retirement.