For as long as I can remember, Citroëns have been connected integrally with my family history. Back in the day dot, my father was (and still is) a serial car changer - I incidentally have the same gene but mine works on getting the latest gadgets and mobile devices. I spent many of my formative years fending off comments from school friends about my dad's range of 2CVs that were changed routinely, from what I remember annually – thankfully he did restrain himself with the standard range, never quite getting to the heady specials (the ‘Dolly’ or the 007 limited editions).


Citroen GSA


Then, when I finally passed my driving test in the late 1980s I inherited my first car from my granddad – a Citroën GSA Club, that as a first car ticked all the boxes: a. It was now mine, and b. Was unusual. How many cars levitate after you’ve turned on the ignition? During the 1990s, again I routinely purchased (at a heavily discounted price it has to be said) a range of Citroëns from my dad, so most of the miles I’ve ever driven have been behind a steering wheel embossed with the 2 chevrons of the Citroën logo.

Working at Yapp HQ this weekend while I was covering the shop (as our legendary shop manager Meirion was attending a wedding in France, as both Rod Stewart & Robert Palmer have both noted ‘some guys have all the luck’) a long standing Yapp customer rocked up – with this gem, a 1971 Citroën DS – we took our own Citroën Traction out of it’s winter storage just to click this snap!


Citroen DS and Traction


So, almost by default – Citroëns continue to find me out - we’re always up for a photo opportunity, so do drop in and see us if you’re a vintage Citroën aficionado!