Every now and then, there’s a collective momentum in the sleepy backwaters of Broughton Gifford and what seems like half the village manages to get out for the night. My wife’s birthday lands on the 5th April and another village friend lands her birthday a few days later – so there was enough fair warning and planning to get 12 of us out to the Fox for a meal with all the associated trimmings!

Broughton Gifford boasts no shops but two pubs – the Fox (http://www.thefox-broughtongifford.co.uk/) is my preferred venue as the wine list is pretty decent, the atmosphere routinely relaxed and well, I can walk there in less than five minutes.


The Fox, Broughton Gifford


I started with a great Wiltshire Ham Hock Salad, moved onto a fine pork belly - all the meat and vegetables are sourced locally – and judging by the pigs, hens and vegetable plots just to the back of the pub there’s little doubting the provenance of the supplies.

Working in the world of French Wine, it’s always worth a foray into other countries when I get a chance – I’ve always been a fan of Malbec and the wine list at the Fox had a great sounding 100% Malbec hiding in the list. The perfect foil to pork belly it has to be said!


Malbec Tomero


We all finally left at 1am, rescued various baby sitters from their duties and retired – sated, happy and content. The Malbec was spot on – and next time I’m there I’ll drop a Yapp list in – the wine list was good – but there’s always room for a few more French gems on any decent wine list!