Those looking for a mid-summer West Country picnic spot could do far worse than visit our courtyard here in Mere where our prized agapanthus are in bloom and you can enjoy a glass of wine in a serene setting beside the fountain. If you drop us a line before you set out we will happily chill anything on our list that takes your fancy be it a half bottle of Muscadet or a mighty jeroboam of rosé Cassis: Clos Sainte Magdeleine. Talking of rosé if you've yet to sample our new own label 'Yapp Rosé' it's a sure-fire crowd-pleaser and a snip at £6.95 a bottle if you collect a case of 12. We will happily lend you a corkscrew and glasses and provide a bowl of water for any canine guests but we draw the line at entertaining children.


Wine bottles by the fountain at Yapp Brothers, Mere


A decent picnic requires a degree of planning but shouldn't be some kind of Napoleonic campaign involving furniture and heavy lifting. Fruit and vegetables which can be eaten whole and need little preparation are obviously a good idea so strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and carrots are all staples and I can normally summon the energy to wash some lettuce and prepare a jar of salad dressing. Flatbreads and dips such as taramasalata, tzatziki, and hummus are a winning combination and it is always a good idea to have a major source of protein such as a pork pie, poached salmon or roast chicken. Bread rolls and potato salad are both good carbohydrate options and I never eschew an opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine and some cheese. A bag of ice in a well-insulated and water tight bag always comes in useful and olives and crisps provide something to toy with while unpacking. I'm not really a pudding person but if, say, a pear and almond tart and a pot of clotted cream were to appear I might manage a slice or two to be polite.


Agapanthus by the Fountain


One could debate at length about what wine would best accompany a picnic but it should be something you can chill and wouldn't be devastated to lose a glass of to an errant football or Frisbee. All three of this month's wines would fit the bill so why not come and see us in Mere and pick up some bottles in person.


July Wines of the Month: £65.00 per case (of six bottles) delivered, saving £16.90 on list prices.