Like many Alpha males Mr Yapp senior has always been an enthusiastic al fresco chef and unlike many he is a competent one. The only problem being that he has so many children and grand-children that invitations to partake of his cuisine are necessarily limited. Fortunately he has passed on some of his recipes so we can recreate them at home whenever we wish. One firm family favourite is for a barbecued leg of lamb. For this you need one or two (depending on numbers) 'butterflied' legs of lamb, and if you can't buy those 'off the peg' get your butcher to prepare them for you. You then season them well and marinate them (preferably overnight) in a mixture of Greek yoghurt, chopped mint and garlic. Robin avers that the secret to cooking well on a barbecue is to wait until the charcoal has stopped smoking but is still glowing and he always serves a glass of something aromatic and refreshing while we are waiting such as this month's inimitable Corsican rosé from Philippe Farinelli's Domaine Saparale.


butterflied lamb bbq


They take between 45 minutes and an hour to cook gently (depending on how pink you want them) and you need to factor in some resting time on top of that. Salads are a fine accompaniment – perhaps some sliced beef tomatoes with basil and French dressing and maybe a fennel and orange number for contrast and crunch. I'd serve that with some lemon couscous which you could bejewel with pomegranate seeds and chopped coriander if you are feeling flamboyant. Wine wise I'd opt for a lightly-chilled red such as the Chinon 'L'Arpenty' in the knockout 2014 vintage, which won't break the bank and should please all comers.




You can't beat a gooseberry fool for a summery outdoor dessert but if that sounds like too much of a faff I'd just opt for a big bowl of British strawberries and a restorative glass of Muscat du Cap Corse.