Risotto is often associated with colder weather and can be filling and even a tad stodgy but a light risotto with fresh spring veg and good quality chicken or vegetable stock can be creamy and light. Asparagus and fresh peas in a risotto primavera are great way to serve these lovely late spring vegetables - try with a fruity yet dry rosé such as Costières de Nîmes: Château Roubaud Rosé 2013 (check out the wonderfully exuberant early 20th century label!).

Some of the softer herbs are springing up in the garden - mint and parsley help to make a proper herby tabouleh, great served with lamb kebabs and a garlicky tzaziki. Great served with a light Loire red such as a Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil.

Apricots are an underrated fruit and although its a crime to mess with a perfectly ripe apricot they do make great tarts with a little melted apricot jam to glaze them. Try a small slice of tart served with crême fraiche and chilled glass of suitably rich desert wine such as Jurançon Moelleux: from Domaine Bellegarde Sélection DB which has alluring apricot aromas and flavours.

By: Pippa Goldfinger.