Here at Yapp Brothers we have long-harboured a passion for good Gallic memorabilia, be it corkscrews, enamel advertising panels or vintage vehicles and visitors to our picturesque premises in Mere seem to enjoy viewing our growing collection.


Citroen H-Van unrestored original


Ten years ago we stumbled across a lovely old blue Citroën H-van, that had been residing on a vineyard in Saint-Nicolas de Bourgeuil and as it was in good condition and reasonably-priced it made a great addition to our 'Wacky Races' fleet. After some love and attention and the addition of our distinctive 'Saumur Man' logo we had it up and running and making deliveries in the BA12 post-code. It has since accrued a loyal following of tyre kickers and Francophiles and it is lovely to see people smile when we make deliveries in it or turn up at local events.


Citroen H-Van restored


We were therefore devastated last Tuesday morning when a cynical thief shamelessly set about stealing its bonnet, head lights and drivers-side indicator when it was parked in a layby above Mere on the A303.




It really looks sorry for itself – as if it has been mugged – and it is going to take us months to find replacement parts and restore it to its former glory. Judging by the huge number of condolences we've received on Social Media as well as features on radio and in local papers many of you share our outrage and dismay. Our artist friend David Chandler even felt moved to mark the occasion with a picture.


David Chandler - H van patient


Breaking news is that a friendly lorry driver spotted a suspicious white VW van at the scene of the crime and captured its 'LJ 52 *** number plate on his dash-cam. Please do not hesitate to contact us here at Yapp Brothers if you can assist us in our enquiries or in sourcing replacement parts. We are determined to redress this injustice!