Regular customers will no doubt have noticed that we have updated our website. Our old website had served us well, but at over ten years old it was beginning to show its age.
We have tried to keep the character of the old site, and the simplicity of the navigation, whilst putting in place a new platform that will allow us to develop it further and offer new services to our customers in the future. Our customer feedback from Feefo often commented that the old site was easy to use, so we did not want to change this.

We would welcome any comments or suggestions regarding the new site – good or bad – and if you need assistance or would like to report an error or snag, then please email us at

What Is New?
Outwardly – not much, yet - other than the updated design. The new website is built on the Magento platform, and most of the changes are behind the scenes.

One of the biggest changes is our 'Guest' checkout that no longer requires a customer to create an account with a password in order to purchase, as is commonplace online now. Checking out as a Guest is quicker, but does not offer the full 'My Account' functionality of Order Histories, Favourites and Address management.

Existing Customers:
We made the decision not to carry over any of the logins (email & password) for existing registered customers. One reason for this was that the passwords on the old site are encrypted, so every existing user would have to reset their password via email link before they could log in.

Also our existing customers would not then be able to select the new 'Guest' option, as they had already registered a full account on the old site. We felt that we could not assume this was what our customers wanted – not everyone wants yet another password to remember - and so we are giving our customers the choice.

Re-registering on the site will also allow our customers to update old addresses and outdated contact information.

Order Histories:
As we have not carried over the website logins, we also cannot carry over the old web order histories associated with them. This was problematic anyway, as our products all change every year with each new vintage, and so we would have had to load ten years of old products onto the new site.

If this causes you a problem, and you need to be able to see your previous orders, then please email and we can provide the information for you in an Excel spreadsheet.

Saved Baskets:
The new site no longer requires a customer to actively save a basket, and then manually retrieve it later. As long as you are logged on to the site (with a full account – register via the 'Login / My Account link), then if you leave the site and return later your basket will be retained for you. This also works across different devices – build a basket on your iPhone, then (as long as you are logged on to the site before you leave) you can complete the purchase later on your laptop. You will receive a reminder within 30 days if the basket is not completed.