I don't know at what age specifically you officially become eligible to appear on "Grumpy Old Men" but I suspect that I'm getting near... or at least getting nearer than I would like. I have become increasingly irritated by the way that day-to-day products are packaged, not only the wastefulness  but the simple practicalities like having to find scissors to open a new razor, a knife to open a pack of smoked bacon or the way in which a cardboard carton of milk never opens without a bit of a struggle.

I make my daughters packed lunch sandwiches and wrap them in greaseproof paper, as this just works for all concerned and when a product packing "just works" it is a real boon and when the product inside "just works" as well it's a pleasant exception to the rule..  however in the world of Yapp it gets even better, let me explain..

In my first week at Yapp I saw the wooden cases from a recent shipment of Château Simone - they were suitably classic in style and matched the iconic wine inside (our tasting notes start with "A rare unreconstructed historical gem that belies comparison") and having grown up in world of Airfix WWII models hearing that this was one of Winston Churchills favourite wines just added to it's appeal.

The wooden cases are indeed iconic but apart from keeping it's valuable cargo safe in transit across the English Channel it's solved many a problem at Yapp HQ. I've seen the wooden boxes used for filing tasting notes, storing glasses and on the odd occasion various collections of staff lunches on Yapp Sale Days. Our shop in Mere uses them to present wines but they can double as furniture too - when staff need a quick adhoc discussion gathering round a PC the boxes have been used as chairs - and still survive to support the next meetings.

So, I'm not suggesting that you buy 4 cases of Château Simone to replace your dining chairs at home but if ever you get chance to either taste (or taste again) this iconic wine or utilise the classic wooden cases that look after them both have their uses and are definitely worth exploring!