Having done untold damage to my left knee in an infinitely regrettable skiing mishap in March I have been even grumpier than usual as I contemplate limping through middle age. Still, it's not all bad, I can drive and swim and walk and work so ought to accentuate the positive. One thing that brings cheer is that the domestic asparagus season is upon us. Having abstained from eating any imported spears over the winter the prospect of gorging on Norfolk's finest over the weeks ahead is uplifting in the extreme. Asparagus-based risottos and frittatas will certainly be on the menu chez Yapp and poached eggs and / or Hollandaise sauce are both welcome accompaniments but more often than not I tend to simply serve it lightly-steamed and dressed with lemon juice, salt and pepper and olive oil and some crusty bread to mop up any residue. A decent Loire Sauvignon would make an excellent accompaniment such as this month's Pouilly-Fumé: Domaine Dominique Guyot 'Les Loges' 2014.


Jason Yapp - injured knee with asparagus


Broad beans are another gastronomic delight of the season. I find peeling them tedious in the extreme so deploy child labour when available. I like to serve them in a large, shallow bowl with buffalo mozzarella and fresh peas and some shredded basil or mint and a light dressing. Weather permitting that would make a fine accompaniment to some lamb chops grilled over rosemary on the barbecue that I would be tempted to serve alongside a fresh, zesty rosé such as Côtes du Luberon: Château la Canorgue Rosé 2014 or a lightly-chilled red like Fred Filliatreau's inimitable Saumur: Domaine Filliatreau Château Fouquet Rouge 2014.


Pouilly Fume with asparagus


Did I mention that bluebells are in bloom, the keenly-anticipated 2015 vintage is starting to arrive on these shores it's my birthday this month and Crystal Palace have made it through to the FA cup final?