1. Churchill’s Palette
    Posted On: May 2nd, 2012

    Churchill’s Palette

    Winston Churchill’s predilection for ‘Pol Roger’ Champagne is well-documented not least by Pol Roger themselves who escort visitors to their H.Q. in Epernay to a room bedecked with Churchillian memorabilia lest anyone might forget about it. Less well-known is the great man’s appreciation of the wines of Château Simone which he encountered when painting landscapes […]
  2. Le Grand Aïoli  - ‘The Holiday of a Lunchtime’
    Posted On: July 13th, 2011

    Le Grand Aïoli - ‘The Holiday of a Lunchtime’

    A couple of years ago over a long and languorous lunch at Le Café Anglais, with chef-patron (and FT food guru) Rowley Leigh, I was lamenting the fact that while the cuisine of Provence is justifiably celebrated its best wines are regrettably overlooked. Rowley is a man of action who requires little encouragement and before […]
  3. Packaging
    Posted On: April 30th, 2010


    I don't know at what age specifically you officially become eligible to appear on "Grumpy Old Men" but I suspect that I'm getting near... or at least getting nearer than I would like. I have become increasingly irritated by the way that day-to-day products are packaged, not only the wastefulness  but the simple practicalities like […]

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