1. H-Vandalism
    Posted On: September 18th, 2015


    Here at Yapp Brothers we have long-harboured a passion for good Gallic memorabilia, be it corkscrews, enamel advertising panels or vintage vehicles and visitors to our picturesque premises in Mere seem to enjoy viewing our growing collection.     Ten years ago we stumbled across a lovely old blue Citroën H-van, that had been residing […]
  2. Apé Days
    Posted On: October 30th, 2013

    Apé Days

    Behold the latest addition to Yapp Brothers’ Wacky Races fleet!     About 7 years ago we ‘won’ a beautiful old Citroën H-van on e-Bay, as the menfolk here at Yapp Brothers like to perceive such acquisitions. It had served out its days on a vineyard in Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgeuil in the Loire valley so we felt […]

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