The innovative food and beverage team at Selfridges, under the jurisdiction of sharp-suited director Ewan Venters and savvy drinks buyer Dawn Davies, has been quick to recognise the appeal and embrace the concept of the 'Pop-up'. Not content with Pierre Koffmann's audacious 'Restaurant on the Roof' the store is also playing host to the 'Icecreamists' in the basement until November 1st. This cutting-edge icecream bar manages to fuse ornate gothic with urban graffiti chic and offers a diverse range of contemporary ice-cream flavours. The pick of these is probably the 'Molotoffee Cocktail' a 'twisted toffee apple' icecream made with Julian Temperley's superb Somerset Cider Brandy - subtle green apple notes give way to beguiling caramel flavours followed by a delicious Calvados kick. Don't take our word for it head into town for some pre-Christmas (pre-crowd) shopping and taste for yourself.

Further good news is that after a protracted legal battle Selfridges 'Wonderbar' should shortly re-introduce its ground-breaking 25ml sipping measures. The big question here is: Will we see the return of the 'affordable' 1996 Pétrus?