Having had a barnstormer of a break in North Wales in June (The Welsh Connection) we’ve just returned from our last visit up there this year and this time the Yapp machine was fully ‘prepped’ for this 2 week break.

Jeremy (the Francophile mentioned in my previous blog) had, probably unbeknown to his family, planned their break to cross over with ours so we were set and had planned our wine well in advance. Seafood is normally the order of the day on this rugged coast line and I’d packed a fine selection for the duration, including a favourite Rose wine, the Vin de Corse Sartène: Domaine Saparale 2009 in anticipation of sharing this impeccable pairing.

The coastal road to Aberdaron was the first step to getting it right – signs for fresh sea food, sea bass et al were spotted by my daughter, so within minutes were stocking up on fresh crab. The Saparale had been cooling in the caravan all day so with great aplomb we were ready.

Good ideas spread fast, as we sat down to enjoy our gotten gains, on the other side of the country (Cromer in Norfolk to be precise) my parents were on a similar mission - they had found a sea food restaurant where you could bring your own wine. Keeping it in the family so to speak they were also well stocked with Yapp wine and it was with a wry smile I saw that they had gone for another of my favourites, the Chinon: Château de Ligré 2009

So, this is I’m sure becoming Pavlovian but after all these years of associating North Wales with a combination of sun, rain, beaches and sea, I now associate it with good company and carefully selected  wines!