After a temporary pause in accepting new orders while we took stock, liaised with staff and assessed government advice, we are sending wine out again.
We thought we should explain why and also how a few things have changed:

Reasons why we are open
Customers were asking us for wine deliveries.
Our team unanimously agreed to work, with a few changes as outlined below. Everyone was given the option of not working (with financial support), no one took it.
We believe that we can operate safely as set out below, with minimal transmission risk.
The government added off-licences to the list of ‘essential retailers’.
If we can keep some trading through this difficult time, we are less likely to require financial support from the government and can continue to contribute to the Exchequer.
If we can put a smile on people’s faces, that’s worth doing right now.

What has changed?
We are online only, for the time being - our shop remains closed.
Most employees are working from home, but two fulfilment teams (of 4 people per team) are working over 1,000 sqm of office and warehousing in Wiltshire to despatch orders. Clearly, they are exercising best practice hygiene and distancing standards. No-one commutes with public transport.
Due to the reduced capacity, our telephones are outbound-only for the time being. You can leave a message or email us and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.
We won’t be open on Saturdays while this set-up continues. We can’t despatch on that day and our shop is closed, plus it gives our team a break.
Our fulfilment partner APC is doing an excellent job, but they are extremely busy, so please be patient if your delivery is less prompt than normal.

We will continue to assess the situation as it unfolds, but are pleased to be operational currently.


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