As the cognoscenti of Social Media may recall our beloved 1979 Citroën 'H-van' was set upon by a would be 'road warrior' last September who stripped it of parts and promptly disposed of them. Somewhat to our surprise and thanks to both Twitter and a vigilant lorry-driver the perpetrator of this outrage did not evade the forces of law enforcement. While that was deeply-satisfying it did not alter the fact that our van was in a sorry state of repair and required comprehensive renovation.


Citroen H-Van Restoration


Happily our good friends at 'Claud the Butler' (, purveyors of fine coffee and fellow H-van enthusiasts, recommended the services of Paul West Restorations in Milton Clevedon in Somerset and we promptly booked our van in for repairs.


Citroen H-Van Repaired


It transpired that what our 'Yapp-mobile' required was closer to re-building than a brush up but after months of painstaking work, which saw it stripped down and lovingly restored, we finally repatriated it a couple of weeks ago. Happily it then passed its' M.O.T and it was just a question of getting it's handsome livery depicting our iconic 'Homme de Saumur' logo re-instated by the experts at Kennet Sign and Display ( and we were back in business.


Citroen H-Van Sign Writer


I think you'll concur our 'cube utile' has never looked smarter so if you are a fan of vintage vehicles and enjoy a bit of tyre kicking why not come and pay us and it a visit here in Mere?


Citroen H-Van Repaired and Signwritten