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Christmas Crackers Mixed Case Offer

Wonderful whites and reliable reds from the Rhône, Loire, Ardèche, Gascony & Burgundy.

Christmas Crackers - Mixed Case
Save £26.00
Christmas Crackers - All Red
Christmas Crackers - All White

An all-singing, all-dancing, all-French selection that begins with a méthode traditionelle fizz from Vouvray in the Loire. Our new Yapp White Burgundy has been extremely well-received since its launch a couple of months ago, so we are stoked to give it a festive run-out alongside the crisp Colombard - Ugni Blanc blend from Domaine Millet.

A trio of reds includes a fresh, medium-bodied Cabernet Franc from Saumur, our benchmark, spicy Côtes du Rhône from the legendary Saint-Gayan estate and a pure Syrah grown on (volcanic) basalt rock on the edge of the Coiron plateau in the south-eastern Ardèche.

This mixed case is also available as all red or all white & rosé, and serves as our 'Sommelier Service' case. If you are looking for a regular delivery of ever-changing wines at the same price, you can explore the four different subscription options here.

This mixed case contains two bottles each of:

Vouvray Mousseux Brut Domaine Aubert NV
"Exactly the kind of wine to have with a cheeky little foie gras and roasted grape canapé, or slow-cooked belly pork and apple sauce, honey-glazed ham, warm (but not melted) semi-hard cheese with membrillo. You could smear Epoisses onto an oat biscuit mid afternoon and pour yourself a not-too-cold glass of this and you'd have squatter's rights to a tiny corner of heaven."
Tamlyn Currin -

Yapp White Burgundy: Cave de Lugny 2022
"It has taken the Yapp boys a while to nail the perfect own-label white burgundy but, crikey, it was worth the wait because this, from the excellent Cave de Lugny co-operative, is a copper-bottomed belter. With fresh, peachy, creamy fruit and lovely acidity, it's absolutely, completely delicious and a veritable steal given the price of village burgundy and above. Bravo boys!"
Jonathan Ray - The Spectator.

Côtes de Gascogne: Domaine Millet Colombard - Ugni Blanc 2022

Côtes du Rhône: Domaine Saint Gayan 'Trescartes' 2020
IGP Ardèche: Vignerons Ardéchois Syrah 'Basalte du Coiron' 2022
Saumur: Vignerons de Saumur Rouge 2021

This mixed case includes

2 x Vouvray Mousseux Brut£0.00

This delicious sparkling Vouvray wine has an inviting brioche bouquet and a teasingly frothy effervescence, making it ideal for all manner of celebrations or picnics - no corkscrew required!

2 x Yapp White Burgundy: Cave de Lugny 2022£0.00

Ignore the 'ABC' ('Anything But Chardonnay') crowd, Chardonnay remains the King of white wine grapes, and Burgundy its spiritual heartland – think Puligny & Chassagne-Montrachet, Meursault and Chablis. We've been on the hunt for an excellent example that delivers terrific rapport qualité-prix in spades and which merits bottling under our new Yapp 'regional' own-label range. Voila - 'YWB' (Yapp White Burgundy)!

(Certified Vegan).

2 x Côtes de Gascogne: Domaine Millet Colombard - Ugni Blanc 2022£0.00

The Domaine de Millet blanc is one of our best-selling wines, despite its humble I.G.P status, as it is unfailingly reliable and gives a lot of bang for your buck. This unashamed crowd-pleaser wine from the Côtes de Gascogne, a blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard, has a bright, zesty palate with a whistle-clean finish and works well as an aperitif or partner to salads and seafood.

2 x Côtes du Rhône: Domaine Saint Gayan 'Trescartes' 2020£0.00

Yapp is known as a Rhône specialist and this is our flagship Côtes du Rhône, so it ought to be very good ....and it is! Spice, jammy fruit and a rich silky finish. This Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre blend (called 'Trescartes') exemplifies all that is great about the increasingly-popular Southern Rhône reds.

2 x IGP Ardèche: Vignerons Ardéchois Syrah 'Basalte du Coiron' 2022£0.00

This red wine is a limited production cuvée, made from pure Syrah grown on (volcanic) basalt rock on the edge of the Coiron Mountains in the South-Eastern Ardèche.

2 x Saumur: Vignerons de Saumur Rouge 2021£0.00

Our consistently reliable red Saumur, with its distinctive label that depicts graffito of Charles de Gaulle, makes for remarkably versatile easy drinking. Made from pure Cabernet Franc, this Saumur rouge is savoury and youthful with bright, summer berry scents and flavours and is best drunk lightly chilled.