Eau de Vie de Poire William: Maison J Colombier

This superb Eau de Vie has intense aromas and tastes of Williams pears (from which it is distilled) and a terrific palate-cleansing finish. It makes for a highly effectual post-prandial restorative.

(50cl bottle).

Bottle (Case)
Tasting Notes

The only question is whether one should buy it with the visually arresting pear in the bottle or (more economically) without!

About this wine
Grape Variety (Cépage)Non-Wine
VintageNon Vintage
Alcohol By Volume (%)43

Maison J. Colombier

Maison J. Colombier is located in a village 25 kilometers south of Lyon in the northern part of the Rhone valley, where the family farm 8 hectares of Williams pear trees, from which is derive their famous 'Poire William' brandy. A fifth of the orchard is over 100 years old - current custodians are Sophie and Stéphane Jay, the third generation of orchardmen-distillators. The pears harvested are used exclusively by their distillery.


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