Eau-de-Vie Mirabelle 'Réserve Personelle': Léon Beyer

A superb Eaux de Vie de Mirabelle from Maison Léon Beyer in Alsace. With a wealth of yellow plum scents and flavours, it is a delicious post prandial palate cleanser.

(50cl. bottle).

Bottle (Case)
Tasting Notes

This classic digestif is asscociated with the Eastern regions of Alsace and Lorraine where the mirabelle plum thrives.

(Note this is a 50 Centilitre bottle).

About this wine
VinificationMirabelle plums are macerated under their own weight in large tanks for several days, during which period fermentation begins naturally. Sugar turns to alcohol after 2 weeks and the fermentation stops after 1-2 months. The alcohol is then double-distilled in traditional copper stills and the 'heart' of the distillate is retained with a content of 50 to 60% ABV. The eau de vie is over-wintered in sealed demi-johns and finished in ash casks for a number of years.
Alcohol By Volume (%)45

Léon Beyer

Situated just outside the impressive medieval town of Eguisheim, the Beyer family have produced wine in these parts since 1580. The firm was formally founded in 1870 by Emile Beyer who was succeeded by a son and grandson, both named Léon Beyer and both mayors of Eguisheim in their day.

With significant Grand Cru vine-holdings in the communes of Eichberg and Pfersigberg and 23 hectares in total, this domaine has always championed impressive, dry wines that complement the famous gastronomy of the region. These days this important Alsatian house is ably run by Léon II's charismatic son Marc. 75% of their production is exported.


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