'I’ll Have a Half' Mixed Case Offer

Delicious half-bottles giving value and variety.

'I’ll Have a Half'

Half-bottles make for more choice and less waste. These four favourites should provide rewarding summer drinking at home or further afield.

This mixed case contains three half-bottles each of:

Pouilly-Fumé: Domaine Dominique Guyot 'Les Loges' 2020

Menetou Salon: Domaine Jean Teiller Rosé 2020

Saumur Champigny: Domaine Filliatreau 2019
Bandol: Mas de la Rouvière Rouge 2018

This mixed case includes

3 x Pouilly-Fumé: Domaine Dominique Guyot 'Les Loges' 2020£0.00

Dominique Guyot produces this bright, rich, rounded Pouilly Fumé wine from mature rootstock on the coveted 'Les Loges' escarpment in the centre of this Loire appellation, which is reserved for wines made from Sauvignon Blanc.

This superb example of Pouilly Fumé drinks jolly well on its own but shellfish, asparagus and goat's cheese are all apposite accompaniments.

3 x Menetou Salon: Domaine Jean Teiller Rosé 2020£0.00

This Menetou Salon rosé wine from pure organically-grown Pinot Noir exhibits similar finesse to the Domaine Teiller Blanc, and is ideal for alfresco imbibing!

3 x Saumur Champigny: Domaine Filliatreau 2019£0.00

The Filliatreaus' principal cuvée in volume terms is their Saumur Champigny which is a big seller on the Parisian restaurant circuit. Like many Loire red wines, it is best served lightly-chilled and makes a great foil for simple grills or charcuterie.

3 x Bandol: Mas de la Rouvière Rouge 2018£0.00

A full-bodied Bandol red wine from the Côte d'Azur, with a beguiling, deep purple robe, dark, hedgerow berry scents and a palate of black fruit, spices, dried ceps and game.