Jasnières: Domaine Gigou 'Clos Saint Jacques' 2015

With a light, fruity palate when young, this dry Jasnières wine obtains a unique smooth taste as it matures. In the finest vintages it is headily decadent with complex mineral undertones and succulent, honeyed tinges.
Bottle (Case)
Tasting Notes
Joël & Ludovic Gigou's dry 'Clos Saint-Jacques' Jasnières has attractive green apple aromas and a generous orchard fruit palate which is underscored by a fine acidity and subtle mineral notes.

It gains complexity with bottle-age and makes a fine accompaniment to river fish - trout grilled with butter and almonds or salmon with sorrel sauce would be just the ticket.
About this wine
Style White Wine, Sec, Light-bodied, Non Sparkling
Wine Region Loire, Jasnières
Grape Variety (Cépage) Chenin Blanc
Viticulture Non-Organic
Vintage 2015
Cellarage Drinking well now but will age happily for five years.
Vinification The grapes are hand-picked at optimum ripeness and go through the process of triage before being pressed semi-automatically and fermented slowly in 220 litre vats at a temperature of 14 degrees centigrade. Malolactic fermentation is avoided in order to preserve the wine's freshness and vivacity.
Alcohol By Volume (%) 13

Joël Gigou

Joël Gigou and his son, Ludovic, of Domaine de la Charrière are big fish in this small pond with vine holdings of over 3 hectares in Jasnières and almost twice that in the outlying Coteaux du Loir.

Yields here are amongst the lowest in France at 25 hectolitres per hectare and the resultant wines, like the 'Cuvée Clos St-Jacques', tend to be searingly dry in youth but mellow beautifully with age.

In favourable vintages, the correct conditions prevail for the production of tiny quantities of wonderfully honeyed, sweet Jasnières such as the Gigous' celebrated 'Raisins Nobles'.

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