Limited Edition Whisky: Spécialités Dumangin

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Gift Box: Rye Bourbon Whiskey
Gift Box: Zuidam Dutch Rye Whisky
Gift Box: Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky

Gilles Dumangin is perhaps best known for his excellent grower Champagne and Ratafia Champenois. Few know of his predilection for collecting and drinking whisky from round the world. In 2020, he launched his collection of limited-edition small-batch whiskies finished in Ratatfia Champenois casks. These rarities are presented in their own neat cardboard gift boxes, and the price includes delivery.

This gift pack contains one bottle of either:

Rye Bourbon Whiskey: Spécialités Dumangin
£79 delivered.

Zuidam Dutch Rye Whisky: Spécialités Dumangin
£79 delivered.

Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky: Spécialités Dumangin
£79 delivered.

This mixed case includes

1 x Rye Bourbon Whiskey: Spécialités Dumangin£0.00

Gilles Dumangin loves Bourbon with higher Rye content, so has blended this Bourbon from a number of barrels each with a higher than usual proportion of Rye in the mix to create a 28.5% Rye Bourbon. Aged for 4 years in new barrels in the USA, then double-barreled in Ratafia casks for 7 months in the heart of Champagne in northern France.