Northern Rhône Super Six Mixed Case Offer

Sublime Syrah from top winemakers.

Northern Rhône Super Six

Syrah is the only permitted red grape in the crus of the Northern Rhône, providing the rich, full-bodied wines of Côte-Rôtie, Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage, Saint-Joseph and Cornas. In general, Northern Rhône Syrah displays a bouquet of dark fruits and violets, complex flavours of peppers, olives, herbs and smoky meats, supported firm, sleek tannins. This terrific six-pack provides examples from world-renowned names - Graillot, Chave and Vernay – as well as less-heralded producers Domaine Lombard and Rémy Nodin.

In vogue appellations Saint-Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage offer interpretations of the grape from Chave and Graillot with the former's 'Sélection' bottling showing a little more spice than the slightly more fruit-forward Graillot style (both 'St Jo' & Crozes'). Based in Saint-Péray, Rémy and Amandine Nodin produce still and sparkling whites under the AOC whilst also vinifying small parcels from across the region. Their Cornas is a riot of blackberry fruit, spice and a savoury elegance from granite slopes. Gérard Chave introduced us to Brézème and Domaine Lombard in the mid 1980s, which has proved a wonderful source of bright, energetic Syrah ever since. To finish, we have included Domaine Vernay's elegant, fresh IGP Collines Rhodaniennes 'Fleurs du Mai', which was the first (challenging) solo vinification of Emma Amsellem (Paul & Christine's daughter).

This six-bottle mixed case contains one bottle each of:

Crozes Hermitage: Domaine des Lises Rouge 2020
AOP Côtes du Rhône Brézème: Domaine Lombard 'Monicault' Rouge 2020
Saint-Joseph: Alain Graillot Rouge 2021
Saint-Joseph: Jean-Louis Chave Sélection 'Offerus' Rouge 2021
Cornas: Domaine Rémy Nodin 'Coteau des Eygas' 2021
Collines Rhodaniennes: Domaine Georges Vernay 'Fleurs de Mai' Syrah 2021

£175 per case of 6 bottles, delivered.

This mixed case includes

1 x Crozes Hermitage: Domaine des Lises Rouge 2020£0.00

This red Crozes-Hermitage is the brainchild of Maxime Graillot who joined his father, Alain, at Domaine Graillot in 2004, the same year that he launched Domaine des Lises with his long-time friend Thomas Schmittel. Crozes’ Domaine des Lises hails from a 6.5-hectare parcel of thirty year-old vines planted on free-draining gravel soils located south-east of the Graillot HQ, Les Chenes Verts. The vines are later harvesting than those of 'Domaine' Alain Graillot and all the fruit is de-stemmed, another difference in style. This makes the finished wine of 'des Lises' more fruit intense.

1 x AOP Côtes du Rhône Brézème: Domaine Lombard 'Monicault' Rouge 2020£0.00

'Monicault' is named after Eugène de Monicault who, in the late 19th century, is acknowledged as the man who saved the appellation after it was ravaged by phylloxera. Composed of 100% Syrah from a number of different parcels on galet roulés and sandy limestone soils, this is a true vin de garde that gets better with bottle age and is designed to be drunk up to 9 to 12 years after vintage. Certified organic.

1 x Saint-Joseph: Alain Graillot Rouge 2021£0.00

A rare Saint-Joseph wine from the legendary Graillot family. From pure syrah, this red wine exhibits fine Autumnal fruit scents and flavours, with pleasant peppery undertones and supple tannins.

1 x Saint-Joseph: Jean-Louis Chave Sélection 'Offerus' Rouge 2021£0.00

As opposed to the Chave's Domaine St Joseph (which is exclusively sourced from their own vineyards), the 'Offerus' includes an ever-diminishing proportion of Syrah grapes that Jean-Louis buys in. Like any drop that leaves the estate's cellars in Mauves, this wine receives the full Chave level of meticulous quality control.

1 x Cornas: Domaine Rémy Nodin 'Coteau des Eygas' 2021£0.00

Rémy Nodin's Cornas wine comes from the wonderful terrain of this unique appellation - the slopes of the tiny lieu-dit 'Les Eygas'. Black berry fruit dominates here, with iron-richness and spice.

1 x Collines Rhodaniennes: Domaine Georges Vernay 'Fleurs de Mai' Syrah 2021£0.00

This IGP Collines Rhodaniennes 'Syrah' is the red equivalent of the Vernay's excellent value Viognier 'Pied de Samson'. Both are grown on the upper plateau above the slopes of Condrieu. This is archetypal Northern Rhône Syrah - pepper, crushed rocks and spice. Certified as an organic wine.