Pastis: Distillerie Manguin

Our roving young Frenchman, Alexandre, discovered this unique pastis on a sojourn to France's largest river island, the (700 hectare) Ile de Barthelasse just outside Avignon. That's how he rolls.

This independent pastis is enlivened with a dash of pear brandy and presented in a distinctive, debonair black bottle. Unconventionally, the producers recommend pouring a glass of fresh water before adding the spirit, which creates more aroma diffusion.

Bottle (Case)
Tasting Notes

Founded in the 1950s by Claude Manguin (son of the Fauvist artist, Henri) the Maguin distillery can be found among the pear orchards of the 700 hectare Ile de Barthelasse and has recently been modernised by owners Emmanuel and Beatrice Hanquiez who took over in 2011.

Serve five parts chilled water to one part Pastis.

About this wine
VintageNon Vintage
VinificationA heady mixture of anise, liquorish, cardamom, coriander, thyme, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves is macerated and distilled to produce this pastis, which is 'jiffed up' (technical term) with a dash of pear brandy.
Alcohol By Volume (%)45

Distillerie Manguin

On the island of Barthelasse Maison Manguin has developed know-how and passion for fruit brandies for the past 60 years. Between the palace of the Popes of Avignon and the Chartreuse of Villeneuve-les Avignon, Barthelasse is marked as the largest river island in Europe, and has a terroir of sand and silt, swept by the mistral conducive to fruit growing, lit by the sun of Provence. It is in this exceptional setting that Emmanuel and Béatrice Hanquiez, the owners of Maison Manguin create spirits of excellence inspired by the charm of the island.


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