Victoria Moore Reviews Mixed Case Offer

12-bottle red case @ £169 delivered, saving £11.10.

Victoria Moore Reviews Case
Save £11.10

We thought you might be interested in this terrific mixed case of red wines that were all recommended by Victoria Moore in The Telegraph.

The five reds cover the Rhône, Loire and Corsica and are offered at £169 delivered, saving £11.10.

The quotes below are all from Victoria Moore.

This mixed case contains three bottles each of:

Vin de Pays de Vaucluse: Le Petit Caboche 2020
"This juicy red blend, made by the Châteauneuf-producing Boisson family, is soft and cheerful."

Côtes du Vivarais: Vignerons Ardéchois 'Grand Aven' 2019
"A classic Yapp red, this one's a hearty blend of syrah and grenache that sings of the Rhône, of sun-dried herbs and ripe red and black berries. Côtes du Vivarais is an appellation in the southern Rhône."

Together with two bottles each of:

Chinon: Francis et Françoise Desbourdes 'L'Arpenty' 2020
"A beautifully perky Loire cabernet franc that tastes like summer pudding."

Crozes Hermitage: Domaine Equis 'Equinoxe' 2020
"Fab fragrant syrah, made to drink young, all rich black fruit with a hint of butcher's shop."

Coteaux du Cap Corse: Domaine Pieretti Rouge 2020
"This Corsican red is made by Lina Pieretti-Venturi, one of only two female winemakers on the island. From 11 hectares of vines she makes this lovely blend of grenache and nielluccio (sangiovese). There's tannin and dried herbs, and you probably want food with this: game, say, or sausage and lentils.”"

Twelve wines @ £169 delivered, saving £11.10.

This mixed case includes

3 x Vin de Pays de Vaucluse: Le Petit Caboche 2020£0.00

This lip-smacking, supple blend from Vaucluse has dollops of red fruit and warm, spicy flavours. A wine made by Jean-Pierre Boisson (former Mayor of Châteauneuf-du-Pape) and his daughter Emilie.

3 x Côtes du Vivarais: Vignerons Ardéchois 'Grand Aven' 2019£0.00

A full-bodied, earthy, dry, Rhône red, this Côtes du Vivarais wine has a bouquet of dark hedgerow berries that precedes a full-bodied palate of black fruit with warming undertones of earth and spices.

2 x Chinon: Francis et Françoise Desbourdes 'L'Arpenty' 2020£0.00

This delicious Cabernet Franc from Emilien Desbourdes is packed full of youthful, berry fruit and was memorably described by Joanna Simon as being like 'liquid summer pudding'. It has supple tannins that lend it well to light chilling. In short it is a delicious and failsafe crowd-pleaser.

Certified as an organic wine.

2 x Crozes Hermitage: Domaine Equis 'Equinoxe' 2020£0.00

The Graillot family is famous for producing fruit-forward accessible red wines made from the Syrah grape. The Crozes Hermitage 'Equinoxe' is an excellent, youthful example, crammed with dark, hedgerow-fruit scents and flavours offset by supple tannins. This wine makes an ideal partner to red meat dishes or flavoursome, hard cheeses. Bottled under screwcap.

2 x Coteaux du Cap Corse: Domaine Pieretti Rouge 2020£0.00

These tiny production wines won't be found on mainland France, let alone the UK high street!