Vouvray Mousseux Brut

This delicious sparkling Vouvray wine has an inviting brioche bouquet and a teasingly frothy effervescence, making it ideal for all manner of celebrations or picnics - no corkscrew required!

Bottle (Case)
Tasting Notes

This marvellous Vouvray Mousseux Brut is hand-riddled and bottle-fermented. From pure Chenin Blanc, it has citric aromas and yeasty undertones precede a palate of fresh orchard fruit with a lively mousse and a clean, dry finish.

About this wine
StyleWhite Wine, Sec, Light-bodied, Sparkling
Wine RegionLoire, Vouvray
Grape Variety (Cépage)Chenin Blanc
Food & Wine MatchingSmoked Fish, Thai Food
VintageNon Vintage
CellarageCan happily age for up to 3 years although will be ready to drink from release.
VinificationVouvray sparkling wines are produced by the Méthode Traditionelle (formerly known as Champenoise). The fruit is pressed and fermented to produce a still wine. A mixture of yeasts and sugar, known as liqueur de triage, is added to the still wine in the bottle (which is then sealed with a crown cap) to induce a secondary fermentation and the wine is then left lying horizontally 'sur lattes' for one year. The by-product of this process is carbon dioxide which gives the wine its mousse or 'sparkle'. Traditional 'pupitres' are used to tilt and turn the bottles (a process known as remuage) to collect deposits of yeast on the bottle closure. The neck of the bottle is then frozen in brine solution and these deposits are removed (known as dégorgement) before the bottles are topped up and sealed with a proper flared cork.
Alcohol By Volume (%)12.5

Jean-Claude & Didier Aubert

The Aubert family started here in 1823 and, today, Jean-Claude and his son, Didier, produce equal proportions of still and sparkling Vouvray wines from 30 hectares of vines. The area is particularly favoured by a soil of volcanic limestone known as tuffa that not only provides the vines with excellent drainage but can be excavated to create ideal subterranean cellars for aging the wine. The Aubert cellars lie below 12 metres of rock.


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